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CRUS Members may login to CRUS Learn, our e-Learning portal, which features educational videos from our courses.

Enthesitis Scanning Resource

This series of short video clips demonstrate the proper ultrasound scanning of selected entheseal sites in the upper and lower extremities. The videos were produced by the GRAPPA ultrasound committee to serve as educational material for sonographers to be used for research and clinical practice.   Access website here.

CRUS Ultrasonography Guide Volume 3: Spondylarthritis including PsA

CRUS Ultrasonography Guide Volume 2: Rheumatoid Arthritis

CRUS Ultrasonography Guide

With the support of Novartis, the Ped-MUS Interactive Guide was adapted to a resource for adult rheumatologists. Further volumes on rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, crystal arthritis and injection guidance will follow.

Endorsed: Ped-MUS Interactive Guide

Ped-MUS is a global educational initiative aiming to improve quality of care of pediatric rheumatology patients. Ped-MUS provides practical training tools and resources for pediatric rheumatologists who wish to incorporate the use of musculoskeletal ultrasonography into their clinical practice.

Ped-MUS has published a free, interactive ebook on pediatric MSK ultrasonography that has been endorsed by CRUS:

ECHO Study Publication

Download our publication of the ECHO study by Michael Stein, Julie Vaillancourt, Emmanouil Rampakakis, and
John S. Sampalis: