Membership in the Canadian Rheumatology Ultrasound Society (CRUS) is free and renewed on an annual basis. Eligible members include Canadian and international rheumatologists and trainees.

CRUS welcomes the participation and input of all members to advance MSK-US in rheumatology.

Membership Application

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Membership Benefits


  • Fast-track admission to CRUS educational programs
  • Arrangement of preceptorships with mentors (Canadian and international experts)


  • Priority notification for courses in MSK ultrasonography
  • Access to a library of recommended textbooks and papers essential to MSK ultrasonography; updates on relevant research articles; access to video lectures and classes shot during past Basic and Advanced Courses
  • On-line access to consultants
  • Access to research funding for approved proposals submitted through the CRUS research review committee


  • Advice on hardware configuration essential for performing MSK ultrasonography
  • Facilitation of access to all vendors to demo and test ultrasound equipment prior to leasing or purchase
  • Access to special preferred purchase and leasing programs
  • Access to trade-in or demo models
  • Access to reporting templates


  • Advocacy on Canadian provincial public and private billing issues for MSK ultrasonography
  • Advice on current Canadian provincial fee code guidelines